One Plan Protection

from Irish Life Assurance

Combine different types of cover into one plan. Tailor your cover so it suits your needs and budget. 

Get peace of mind from €20.20 a month (Including Levy)*.

*Minimum monthly cost.

How OnePlan works

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Combine different life insurance benefits under a single plan.

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Choose what you need

Pick everything you want and nothing you don't. 

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Extra benefits

Automatic benefits available when you take out life cover or specified illness cover.

Your options to choose from

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Decreasing life cover

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Bill cover

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Specified illness cover

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Life cover

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Funeral cover

One Plan List

Is One Plan for me?

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Your life stage

Your age and family circumstances. For example, if you have children, how old they are and if they are in school or college.

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The amount of income you are looking to protect if something happens to you or your partner.

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Existing cover

How much, if any, cover you already have.

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How long you want to be covered for

How long you want the cover in place and any extra costs you may want to cover. For example, funeral expenses. This will depend on your circumstances.

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Get in touch

Call Irish Life Financial Services

The first step is to get in touch and we’ll help you from there. If you’d like to find out more, a financial adviser can detail your circumstances and will recommend three levels of cover to start with. 

Guaranteed insurability option

Early payment if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness

Accidental death benefit

Children’s life and specified illness cover

Guaranteed cover again (Conversion option)


Extra benefits & other services

There are some extra benefits & other services available to you when choose Life Cover or Specified Illness Cover. Some of these are automatic and some are paid-for.*
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